DTG Friday - Gone Surfing!

This week's DTG Friday design was inspired by the longer days and milder weather of summer. Yes yes, we know that the Central Coast can suffer from some serious bouts of June Gloom, but even if it's a bit foggy along the coast, you'll always see surfers out in the water. From Pismo Beach all the way up to the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and beyond, this area is home to some pretty epic surf spots.

Just don't forget your wetsuit, because the water doesn't get much over 55 chilly degrees. 

We felt that the best shirt for a retro design like this was the Alternative "destroyed" t-shirt. I can't believe how super soft this shirt is - it is EXACTLY like my very own 'favorite' shirt that I refuse to throw away. It's just frayed enough to look like a vintage shirt you just bought at the thrift shop or found hiding in your parents' attic.

Pismo Beach has been a popular surf spot since the birth of the sport, and it also hosts a huge car-show every year (along with it's own weekly Donut Derelicts). So what's a cooler combo than a cherry '57 Chevy Nomad wagon with longboards on it? I think they go together like bacon and chocolate.

We printed the design on an apple green and a vintage white shirt. Both are available in sizes small through 2X. To order yours, click here. 

Maybe you know someone who's visited Pismo Beach, and longs to return? This would make an excellent gift. Know a car guy that surfs? Perfect gift! Know someone who hoards anything with a '57 Chevy Nomad wagon on it? Necessary gift!

Order now and try out this super soft Pismo Beach t-shirt for yourself. Or admire it's softness before you gift wrap it and send it on it's way! 

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week! 

- Kristina
Graphic Designer @ J.Carroll

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