Embroidery uses threads to create a rich, textured design on a garment. The image or drawing is sewn directly onto the shirt, jacket, cap, sweatshirt, or fabric item. 

An embroidered design can include lettering, logos, and even complex artwork. Our designers translate the artwork into a sequence of stitches – thousands of them. This design process is as much art as it is science, and is called “digitizing.” Larger designs require longer to set up and to sew.

Our computerized, multi-head embroidery machines can sew as many as 15 thread colors into a design, and can embroider dozens of garments at a time.

Embroidery is long-lasting and does not show the effects of time or frequent washing. An embroidered design has a depth, dimension and luster that looks expensive and has a high perceived value.


Embroidery done in-house at J.Carroll!