Come in. Get the Best. Leave Happy.

Come in.
We want to create an atmosphere that makes the thorough and insightful handling of a screenprinting or embroidery project enjoyable for both our customers and our employees.
Get the best.
We want to provide a sturdy and solidly-wearable product, printed and stitched with accuracy, that reflects the caliber of a company logo or any one-of-a-kind design.
Leave happy.
We want to grant our customers an experience of service that addresses each of their project’s parameters . . . and then steps beyond them.

Our Philosophy
Looking for help with the final look of your artwork? Advice about promotional packages? In addition to screen printing and custom embroidery, J.Carroll offers a wide range of services from promotional consulting to graphic design. Our front-line service staff and team of graphic designers and production artists all deliver sound industry expertise and friendly service. We're proud of our knowledgeable staff and know that you will enjoy working with them.

From bright white t-shirts to soft fleece blankets, the list of printable objects available for embellishing with your logo is expansive. Our state-of-the-art automated screenprinting technology produces clean designs at speeds of up to 600 shirts per hour. You may also prefer the more three-dimensional effect of custom embroidery and applique. We promise quality products that deliver your message with crisp colors, tight stitches, and clear lines.

We know that the precise transfer of your logo is crucial to your credibility, so all designs move from page to product with precision and care. In fact, nothing is printed without your final approval. Your complete satisfaction is our primary aim. When your experience with J.Carroll is so pleasurable that you return with your next project or refer us to your friends, we know that we've achieved our goals. We consider your pride in our work the measure of our own success.

The J.Carroll Experience
When you do a project with J.Carroll, we make it easy on you.

We do this by having you work with the same person throughout your project. This experienced designer oversees the entire process screenprinting or embroidery, including the approval of press check samples, and the final delivery on the schedule we promised.

They make sure it’s a smooth process for you, no matter how many little details we take care of behind the scenes.

We want you to have a great experience so you come back and of course so you recommend us to your friends! 

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