Screen printing uses inks to imprint a design onto a shirt, sweatshirt, apron, or fabric item. The basic process involves squeezing inks through one or more sheer fabric screens onto the garment. 

The number of screens needed for a design depends on the number of colors in the design. Our computerized automatic presses apply each layer of ink precisely every time, using the correct pressure for the design, ink type and texture of the garment being printed onto. 

Our design team will take your logo and break it down into individual colors for each screen...like what you see right below!

Each color layer corresponds to a screen that we use to print. The pink layer that you see in the middle is what's called an "underbase", which will be printed very first as white to help the other colors stand out on darker colored garments.

We heat-cure our screen printed items in a conveyor oven. This chemically bonds the inks to the garment, giving a long-lasting, durable design that washes and wears well, and that usually outlasts the garment.


Check out this cool Screen Printing video shot by Steve Corey (one of our clients)