J.Carroll Shenanigans - Abby vs. Bread

Recently J.Carroll hired a young, yet very talented, designer - Tamara. We are super happy to have her here on our Design Team! :-)

Tamara happens to be vegan, and she always brings in these amazing baked goods that she makes to share with us. (they are REALLY good)(and cookies make the guys in screenprinting VERY happy) .

Today was no exception - she brought in a loaf of cinnamon bread that had everyone stuffing their face with glee.

We keep our 'shared goodies' on the table in the kitchen/break room so folks can graze at their own will.

Well... it just so happens that Abby, the Official Mascot of J.Carroll, is here today as well. Abby is a sweet-natured golden retriever who's human (Josh) happens to own the place.

And boy, does Abby LOVE bread. 

Tamara headed into the kitchen for some water, and found Abby in the act of just jumping off of the table - WITH THE REST OF THE BREAD IN HER MOUTH. 

Abby really, really, really liked the bread. 

So much that she didn't want to let go of it. Leif was there and got a chance to document the silliness that ensued. 

Anyone want some Doggy Slobber Cinnamon Bread? 

January 21, 2014 by Kristina Albrecht
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