SLO Water Polo Parka Embroidery


Please type in the name as you would like to see it on the Right Chest. It can be Last Name only, First Inital and Last Name, Full Name, or Nickname. Check with your kid before you do the wrong thing and embarrass them :)
I understand that I am providing J.Carroll with a customer provided item and that J.Carroll will not take responsibility for anything going wrong during the decoration. Whether it is a machine malfunction or a goof by a J.Carroll employee, J.Carroll will only refund the cost of the decoration. They will not cover any damages on a customer provided item.

We will embroider the SLO Water Polo logos on your customer provided Parka.

The price includes a Name on the Right Chest, SLO logo on the Left Chest, and the full SLO Water Polo logo on the back.

You will need to provide us with your parka for us to logo.

You have the option to pick up the parka at J.Carroll when done, or have us ship this to you when complete.