Customer Provided Garment - Logos (for employee use only)


I have read and acknowledge the terms and conditions (see below) regarding J.Carroll embellishing a product that I provide. I also acknowledge that even though J.Carroll has agreed to take your garments and embellish them, the garment may not be "uniform approved" by the organization, and J.Carroll cannot "un-do" embellishments.

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Customer Provided Garment Terms and Conditions

"Let's avoid the possibility of an uncomfortable conversation in a few days..."

Things go wrong with orders on occasion. Sometimes it is a machine malfunction, sometimes it is an operator error, and sometimes it is plain bad luck. 

When we sell you an item, we mark-up the cost of that item. Part of that mark-up goes to pay some expenses. Another portion of that money acts as an insurance policy that lets us resolve issues. 

Since we are not making any money selling you the "Customer Provided Item", we will not take any responsibility if something goes wrong during the job.

By checking the box above, I accept responsibility of the item(s) brought in. If something happens to my garment, I understand that I will not be getting any money back for the item.