What can J.Carroll do for you?

Here is where you would expect to find superlatives from a company about how they sell and produce the highest quality product available at the lowest prices possible. That is not our style. Craftsmanship, getting your job right, and getting it to you on time should happen automatically. And when it doesn't, you need a company that stands behind their work and puts a satisfied customer as their primary goal.

That is what we do...not always at the lowest price, but with an excellent track record that has helped us to become a benchmark company in our industry.

Let us team up with you on your project. Together, we can make this a great experience. All of the customization that we apply to blank garments is done in our 11,000 square foot facility in San Luis Obispo, California. Stop by some time and we can show you around!

In-house, we offer:

Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing uses inks to imprint a design onto a shirt, sweatshirt, apron, or fabric item. The basic process involves squeezing inks through one or more sheer fabric screens onto the garment. Screen printing arguably gives the most vibrant look of the printing processes we offer, and the best bang-for-your-buck when it comes to higher quantities.

Each screen is essentially just a stencil for a single color, and they each need to be aligned to each other before the job can run. This task is done by hand. The more colors on a design, the more screens are needed. For this reason, the more colors you have in your design, the more work there is to align everything, bringing up costs.

When printing one of your designs with J.Carroll, our team of designers will take your logo and break it down into individual colors to put onto the screens - learn more right here.

Where Can I Print?

Screen Print locations

Screen printing has a decent amount of flexibility with where we can apply ink on a garment. Of course, you can print front and back of a garment, with a maxiumum 14" x 17" area to design on. The size of the design does not change the price - just the locations, and the colors. We also offer sleeve and pant leg printing, a popular option with schools and sports organizations.


Embroidery Animation

Embroidery uses threads to create a rich, textured design on a garment that is long-lasting and does not show the effects of time or frequent washing. An embroidered design has a depth, dimension and luster that looks expensive and has a high perceived value. It can include lettering, logos, and even complex artwork, sewn directly onto the shirt, jacket, cap, sweatshirt, or fabric item.

Our designers translate your artwork into a sequence of stitches – thousands of them. This design process is as much art as it is science, and is called “digitizing.” Larger designs require longer to set up and to sew.

Our computerized, multi-head embroidery machines can sew as many as 15 thread colors into a design, and can embroider dozens of garments at a time.

Where Can I Print?

Embroidery locations

Aside from heat seal and heat press embellishment (see below for info on that!), embroidery has the greatest flexibility as to where you can put your artwork. Most commonly done on left or right chests of shirts, jackets, hoodies and so on - you have the option to embroider on the entire front or back, sleeves, hoods, and other odd parts of garments. The only thing limiting our placement is where the garment rests on the “hoop”, the piece that attaches to the machine and stretches the material so it remains flat and rigid throughout the process.

Along with baseball caps and beanies, it’s not uncommon to see blankets, duffle bags, backpacks, scarves, and other odd cloth / loose material garments being embroidered on as well.

Click here to learn about DTG printing