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What is Direct-to-Garment / Digital Printing?

Our direct to garment printer is basically a giant desktop inkjet printer that prints on garments, using transparent inks. The garments are then heat cured (they go through our belt drier) and the ink is permanent at that point. The print makes for a soft hand, which is different than our regular screen printing using plastisol. It's also great if you have an image with many colors that would be costly to color separate and set up for screen print. However single colors, like black, look great on various colored Ts as well! Another benefit is that you can have a minimum of 1 shirt printed, or up to 100 – the set up is much less intensive than screen printing.

The limitations of direct to garment are: 

  • We are only set up to print on light garments, the printer does not print on dark garments as it's not set up to print white ink
  • Garments must be at least 80% cotton, as polyester and synthetic fibers release the ink after several washings.
  • We can get close to a specific Pantone color, but not exact, as the printer uses CMYK inks